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~RSVP (Really Super Verbal Party)

Saturday, 28 February 2009, 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The Speak Good English Movement launches its youth campaign with RSVP - Really Super Verbal Party, which will be held in Zouk on Saturday, 28 February 2009!

RSVP is a party at Zouk where youth can enjoy themselves and connect with each other through music and speech. We want to encourage youth to communicate beyond their immediate social circle using standard English by showing them that it isn't just for stuffy and formal situations. Good English can be used in situations such as impressing teachers or picking up girls!


Date: Saturday, 28 February 2009
Venue: Zouk
Time: 8-10pm

Tickets* are priced at S$10 (entry + 1 free drink) and
S$25 (entry + 1 free drink + 1 New Urban Male.com t-shirt + S$50 NUM voucher)

*Tickets at door will be priced at S$15 (entry + 1 free drink)

Dear poppers, we have never been to club before. And this will be our first time going together! ANYONE interested please tell me asap.


POP-ed on: 19 February, 2009 ,11:55 PM


Heyy poppers,

so glad to confirm outing tmr..

WEST COAST PARK!!!! HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alright, just now on the phone with some poppers and they suggested designing own shirt..
and yenleng gave me this website to design own shirt..
roughly take a look at this design below..

this is ladies shirt, price $29.90. which yenleng and i think not worth it..
and for mens, price $24.90.


POP-ed on: 08 February, 2009 ,1:07 AM



i was also thinking bout meeting up this morning. wanted to post only at night which is now.. but tiffany, alittle faster than me blog it..

hope for a meet up, but unfortunately i cant make it on saturday.
So like wad tiff mentioned can you guys meet up on friday (6th feb)?

1. actually, i thought of going pinic at east coast park or west coast park?. Each person prepare like sandwich? drinks? tibits? snacks? floor mat? volleyball? frisbe? on and on... then wanna cycle de can just rent bicycle there or something... PLUS LUOHEI + VDAY
WEST COAST nice place- lots of challenging playground suitable for teenagers like us.. waahaha

2. go to henderson wave to see the BEAUTIFUL night scenary.. LUOHEI + VDAY

kk.. that's like 2 things i thought of we can do.. cos like we haven pinic together before.. we also haven been to henderson wave before..

Oh, by the way.. henderson wave near west coast also near vivo. It would be easier to get there (henderson wave OR west coast) from vivo. As for east coast, of course we can take the usual buses we took..

alright, that's all for my suggestions!!


POP-ed on: 01 February, 2009 ,12:53 AM


Ping Gor Xi Du


Late 15min - $1
Late 30min - $3
30min onward - $4


Jackson Chen
18th feb

Lim Yingen
30th march

Tiffany Chan
21st May

Tan Zhi How
31st May

Toh Yen Leng
14th June

Tan Mei Hong
21st June

Jocelyn Chan
16th september

Emily Lu
20th November


  • Emily
  • Jocelyn
  • Tiffany
  • Yenleng
  • Yingen
  • Jackson
  • Meihong

  • VIP
  • TiaN Tian



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