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Time: 530pm
Venue: Serangoon MRT station

Wanna come then come...dun wan then forget it.

We are sick of waiting for so many late-comers.
Sick of keep of msg-ing and asking if you guys are coming.
We're not begging for u all to come.
So if u dun feel like coming or dun feel like looking at our face.
Dun come.

But for those who misses us like we do.
Do come! We welcome totally!!

POP-ed on: 26 June, 2008 ,10:45 PM


BIG OUTING!!!!!!!!!!!

This FRIDAY...(tml..27th)
Movie.(Zohan)..walk walk.(town?)..chats..(find some ulu place+Alcohol!!!)..stay over at TIFF's house..

Everyone from 5B is invited...
Can call along our new friends...
like..JY, xueli, wanjun, zell, jiehong, mikio, and hanbing....haha

This outing is organised because tml will be TIFF and JOCE's last paper and some of you just ended ur exams/tests not long ago!
We haven really had a great outing..it has been celebrating birthdays lately for the JUNE BABIES!!! hahaha..

So its time for us to Party it out AGAIN! and get ENERGISED for this new school term!!!! hahaha

Anything msg me k...I will be the incharge for this time's outing!haha


POP-ed on: ,3:45 PM

~Birthday Event! :]

I will having my bday celebration on 14th june, coming sat.

Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Serangoon Garden KTV Pub

Each person just need to pay about $8!

Please tell me if you are coming a not. [ASAP]


POP-ed on: 09 June, 2008 ,11:57 PM


Ping Gor Xi Du


Late 15min - $1
Late 30min - $3
30min onward - $4


Jackson Chen
18th feb

Lim Yingen
30th march

Tiffany Chan
21st May

Tan Zhi How
31st May

Toh Yen Leng
14th June

Tan Mei Hong
21st June

Jocelyn Chan
16th september

Emily Lu
20th November


  • Emily
  • Jocelyn
  • Tiffany
  • Yenleng
  • Yingen
  • Jackson
  • Meihong

  • VIP
  • TiaN Tian



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