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hey my dear poppers!!!!!!


okay, u guys are quite interested in playing paintball right?? i think this holiday is the best chance to meet out and have fun once again..

next week, some of my poly classmates and i are going to play paintball and first group people i thought of is ure.. if ure dont mind joining then we can play together.. i guess it will be fun lar.. help me shoot all my classmates cos they bully me.. ahhaa

then yenleng can take this opportunity to shoot a guy from my class whom she dislikes.. at the same time ure can help her and make friends too..

Time/date: tuesday 02/09/08 morning 10am to 12pm

The ideal choice is package D- RAMBO

(actually there are more timeslots but all clash with my cca, so i can only make it on tuesday.. haha. as for the time can change lar.. no worries!)

here are some details bout the paintball:

1) PACKAGE A - The Shooting Gallery (30 paintballs per pax) - $10.00 per pax

Try out the first paintball shooting gallery in Singapore! If you are new to the sport and would like to have "hands-on" experience on a paintball marker, this is the choice for you. Just "Aim, Squeeze and Fire!" Suitable for individuals or groups who are keen to learn about the basics of handling a paintball marker. Ideal for team building checkpoints.

2) PACKAGE B - JAMES BOND (50 paintballs per pax) - $25.90 per pax

"One Shot, One Kill" Bring out the James Bond in you! Try out our designed scenario games and pit your skills against your opponents. Our game marshals will guide you along in these role playing games which enhances team camaraderie and communication. Suitable for groups who are keen to do a little running and dodging. Estimated game duration is about 1 hour which includes safety briefing.

3) PACKAGE C - THE GODFATHER (100 paintballs per pax) - $35.90 per pax

Be a member of the Mafia and shoot at your own will. Instill fear in your opponents with overwhelming pellets. A class of its own, players will be assigned with 100 paintballs each. Game scenarios will be introduced with a twist of laughter leaving everyone with a smile at the end of each game. Estimated game duration is about 1.5 hour which includes safety briefing.

4)PACKAGE D - RAMBO (250 paintballs per pax) - $49.90 per pax

One man with one mission: Destroy the opposition and survive! With 250 paintballs assigned to you, you are fearless and dangerous. Immerse in a fun day of shooting, hiding and capturing the flag! As our most popular package, this will guaranteed you with a full paintball experience. Suitable for team building games amongst friends, colleagues and families. Special events such as birthday parties, hen and stag parties, carnivals, companies retreats, outdoor adventure activities, tournaments and more...Estimated game duration is about 2 - 3 hours which includes safety briefing.

*Additional paintballs can be purchased at $25.00 for 100 paintballs.*

please let me know by friday, the teachers day celebration day.. thanks thanks
see you!!


POP-ed on: 28 August, 2008 ,2:51 AM

~Teacher's Day Celebration(from Peicai Alumni's Blog)

Hello all Peicai Graduates!

As you know Teachers' Day is around the corner!

Peicai will be celebrating Teachers' Day this FRIDAY (30 August 2008).

This year, the school will be having a sports carnival on the same day as well.

Scheduled Time:
8.00am - Sports Carnival
11.00am- Teachers' Day concert!!!

In the case of WET WEATHER, Concert will start at 8.00am.

See ya there!!

Committee Members
Peicai Alumni

mei hong
POP-ed on: 27 August, 2008 ,9:22 PM

~details on Friday back to sec school..

i heard from my friends that the teacher's concert thingy will start ard 11 am if im not wrong..
im not tt sure of wads going to happen cos im in the midst of my prelims...
Anyway, u guys can come ard 11am for the concert..
u can come early if u want..
there will be some some inter-class matches for the sch from ard 8am to 11 am..
like captain ball.basketball..
hmm..maybe be u want to be the audience? hahhaxx..
well..anyway,i'll be in sch since early morning..
so whoever wants to come..can find me or wadever..
just text me..thanks for taking note..

POP-ed on: ,9:06 PM


do u guys really hate commiting?
or at least try to commit more.
to your friends.
to your classmates.
to your poppers.
people that u have known for at least 3+yrs.

if everyone continues to take everything for granted.
i wonder how long we can last.

maybe im just being emo here.
i dunno.
but i just feel like saying it out.

Just reflect, people.

POP-ed on: 25 August, 2008 ,12:15 AM


Teachers' Day!!
Its coming!! This FRIDAY!
Few days left...

Okay...the presents.
It cost a total of $30.80
So each of us will have to pay$3.85
Please give me the EXACT AMOUNT on Friday.
Thanks :)

As u all have discussed.
We will wear our own clothes.
& as for our outing..
we will discuss on that day itself.

After i know the details for the teachers' day plan in pcss,
we will discuss what time to meet.
We need to meet about 30ins earlier
because we still have to write our personal message on the cards.
So, please bring any permanent markers that u all have as mine is running out of ink.


POP-ed on: ,12:02 AM

~Teachers' Day!

Hey Hey Hey.

Oh...I will be in-charge in preparing the teachers' day present for some of our beloved teachers.
I'm gonna buy those big cardboards & print photos.
Then we will write messages on them & give it to them okay.
So...we will spilt the cost of the photos&cards.
Wont be too expensive ba..got 8 of us...

It will be for
Miss Mok,Lee,Yap
Mdm Yusma
Mr Lim,Ong,Lum,Din
yah..these 8.
the D&T teachers will only have one big card...combined.

So..On the 29th August.
We will wear 5B classT & outside pants.
Then i think can bring xtra shirt too change cause the classT quite hot.
the after events...seems like it hasnt been confirmed yet..so i dunno.
Hope that we can reach pcss at about 930 or 10am...
we will see what time the concert starts.
If they have lessons before that then we will meet later.
continue discussions on tagg board!


POP-ed on: 17 August, 2008 ,10:36 PM

~Teacher's Day

1) We will be going back to Peicai for teacher's Day celebration. TIME, NOT CONFIRM, cos we are unsure about the timing peicaians start the celebration. , ATTIRE ( some suggested to wear 5B shirt, ok with it? ).

Suggestions by different poppers and 5B-ians:
2) - East coast (volley, frisbee, cycling, rollerblade, etc..)
- Ice skating at downtown (don't know the price)
- Paintball (don't know the price too)

More suggestions pls post... see ya!!
POP-ed on: 15 August, 2008 ,6:48 PM


Okay guys..the tag board is too messy..so i decided to just make a post.haha

As i've said..FISHING is too over-priced.
I think will heart pain if we have to pay over 10bucks for just fishing..
& it is paid according to time..what if after an hour will still catch no fish..how?
so i seriously want u guys to reconsider..we are not tt into fishes too right?!
i wanted to fish quite badly at first cause i've never fished before.haha
but maybe next time when we're working n earning some wonderful bucks man.haha

Well, i said the PAINTBALL thing right.
i think that its really a damn nice n considered "cheap" game.
It's like 10bucks for 30bullets. & u can play as long as u want...well, the better u r u can play longer..cause ppl cant shoot u.haha
but i just read the web...& i realise must make advance booking...but we're meeting up tml.
so cannot again...
we can go & play it next time..
this is their web..can go view.
i bet it will make u go........ 'i also want to play'

OKAY...the conculsion is
we are back to SQUARE 1!
obviously we gotta make decisions again.
& as we know its National Day tml.
the town n esplanade area will fully packed.
so...our main aim is to meet up n crap right...not to really view the fireworks n performance.
so....where should we go now??
I really want to meet u guys...we haven meet up for quite a longggg time man.
& i think this will be my last free weekend..cause my eoy exams are coming.REAL SOON.
yah...so...do choose again..

as according to the taggs...
the next highest vote will be Sentosa..
if no one objects..we can go there n play VBALL.
but get ready to sweat n bring xtra clothes to bathe after the game.
after VBALL we can head down to VIVO for dinner...

TIME: maybe around 2pm. those who can only meet after 2pm please let me know.we can shift the timing.
VENUE: some MRT station? depends on whr we're gg.
ATTIRE: as long as u are wearing a red shorts/shirt.haha
DURATION: haha...we are meeting in the late afternoon..& we're gg for dinner! so around tt usual dismissal timing.haa..
i cant go home late..got tuition & training on Sunday.

So guys...please react n respond FAST
It's tml.
Only a few more hours.
please co-operate...
u are not the one planning this time. so, the least all the others can do to help the planner is really respond, fast.

Honestly..i hate planning. Not that i'm unwilling
but its the slow sucky respond tt i get that makes me hate planning outings.
my schedule is v tight too...my school work n trainings are killing me.
sometimes i really just wanna meet out with u guys...my 'more than 3yrs friends' + 'classmates' + 'peicai darlings' + 'poppers' to have a good laughing session n some catching up with each others' life.
I know all of us are busy n made new friends now.
But to me..u guys are still v important.
so i really hope our friendship n outings can contd n last.
Hope that one day we can all still attend one of our friend's wedding together...
POP-ed on: 08 August, 2008 ,4:45 PM


National Day Outing!!

Date: 9th August 2008, Saturday
Time: 2.30pm
(Must wear RED)

- Sentosa
- East Coast
- Ice Skating
- Fishing
- Kranji
- Pasir Ris (Pet Farm)

Everything not yet confirm. Need you guys to decide which one you all want go. If got any other place in mind, post it too..

POP-ed on: 06 August, 2008 ,1:43 PM


Ping Gor Xi Du


Late 15min - $1
Late 30min - $3
30min onward - $4


Jackson Chen
18th feb

Lim Yingen
30th march

Tiffany Chan
21st May

Tan Zhi How
31st May

Toh Yen Leng
14th June

Tan Mei Hong
21st June

Jocelyn Chan
16th september

Emily Lu
20th November


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