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Dear yenleng, meihong, tiffany, xiaojun and zhihow

tickets for the 5 of you have been confirmed.
Date: 23 Dec 2008 ( tuesday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: theatre of fine arts ( NYP)

it would be better for you guys to come early if not you wont be able to get good seats.. great probability of sitting on the stairs if you are late..

thank you guys for coming down to support me :)


POP-ed on: 21 December, 2008 ,1:50 AM


WHEEEeeeeeeeee!!! common tests are over!!!

YO dear poppers,

long time never party together leh..
alright, i remembered the last time we met was on xiaojun's birthday. and we did mentioned to meet up on the 26th Dec if i'm not wrong..
so maybe all of us can confirm again??

and and.. i suggest all of us to buy a gift so that everyone can have a gift exchange.. how about that?? budget not exceeding $15.00?

if possible to go to someone's house, we can play mahjong, steamboat and stuffs....

c'mon, feedbacks and suggestions..
then can plan a good meet up before we bid goodbye to 2008!!!

lastly, i'm so sorry guys.. i dont have tickets left for the la guitare concert on the 23rd Dec. Aww, sadden! if i can get tickets on the last minute, i'll sure to do so.. :)


POP-ed on: 13 December, 2008 ,11:21 PM


heyy my dear poppers,

nyp gc will be having a concert on the 23rd dec 08.. i will be performing on that day..
are u guys interested in coming to the concert?? there are 12 tickets left.. i'm holding it for quite long le, i'm told to give it to others if not taken..
can let me know by friday (13th Dec)
hope u guys are free and drop by to watch my performances.. :)

Venue: NYP theatre of fine arts
Date: 23rd Dec ( Tuesday)
Time: 7pm to 9pm


POP-ed on: 11 December, 2008 ,12:34 AM


Ping Gor Xi Du


Late 15min - $1
Late 30min - $3
30min onward - $4


Jackson Chen
18th feb

Lim Yingen
30th march

Tiffany Chan
21st May

Tan Zhi How
31st May

Toh Yen Leng
14th June

Tan Mei Hong
21st June

Jocelyn Chan
16th september

Emily Lu
20th November


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  • Jocelyn
  • Tiffany
  • Yenleng
  • Yingen
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  • Meihong

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